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Fixed ₹10,000 PM Earning Options with Kushi Crunch Franchise, Join Now!

🌟 Exciting Franchise New Startup Offer! 🌟

📱 Exclusive Offer: Join our fresh, new, and unique startup - Kushi Crunch franchise today via WhatsApp and unlock amazing benefits!

✨ Earning Options with Kushi Crunch Franchise:

1. Guaranteed Income: Receive a fixed ₹10,000 per month starting from the second month.

2. Owner-Operated: Take control and become the sole owner of your franchise, keeping 100% of the profit.

3. Managed Franchise: Let us handle the management while you reap the rewards! We'll manage your franchise and share 50% of the profit with you from the second month onwards.

🛡️ Risk-Free Assurance:

- Worried about profits? Don't be! If there's no profit, receive a compensation of ₹5000.

- Your investment is safeguarded, ensuring a secure venture.

💼 Terms & Conditions:

1. Profit-sharing begins from the second month of investment.

2. Refund Policy: Request a refund with a minimum notice period of 6 months.

3. Profits shared only when the franchise is actively operating.

📞 How to Get Started:

- Message us now on WhatsApp at +916303270697 to seize this opportunity!

- Explore more at for an exciting journey into the world of Kushi Crunch franchise.

Join us and savor the taste of success with Kushi Crunch! Let's make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. 🚀

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