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Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: Special Price: ₹999, Rechargeable Table Fan with Light!

🎉 Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: Rechargeable Table Fan with Light! 🎉

Transform your comfort experience with our cutting-edge 2-in-1 7" Inch Leaf Table Fan, designed to keep you cool and illuminated, even during power outages.

Features that make it unbeatable:

- Dual Power Capability: Seamlessly switches between AC and DC power, ensuring uninterrupted cooling during power outages. Plus, it's solar panel compatible for eco-conscious operation.

- Versatile Functionality: Enjoy 3-step speed settings and 21 adjustable LED lights for personalized comfort and illumination. Individual buttons for fan and light offer convenient control.

- Extended Performance: With up to 8 hours of LED lamp usage or 4 hours of fan operation on a single charge, it ensures long-lasting comfort. Simultaneous use of LED light and fan offers up to 3 hours of optimal functionality.

- Portability Redefined: Lightweight and portable design allows for easy mounting on walls or placement on tables. Perfect for use at home, in the office, or while on the move.

Special Price: ₹999

Don't let this opportunity slip away! Elevate your comfort game with our Rechargeable Table Fan with Light. Order now and experience unparalleled convenience! 🌀💡

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